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Kiteboarding for Children is a charity project started by CrazyFly Kiteboarding in 2012.

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About the project

CrazyFly Kiteboarding is running a project called Kiteboarding For Children. With every sale of CrazyFly kite or kiteboard, CrazyFly donates 1-5 EUR to children in age between 0-18 years old.

Join Us!

We invite all brands, riders, shops, schools, magazines to join CrazyFly Kiteboarding in this project and donate. Every little counts and is put to good use for children in need.

Who We Support

All the money raised from this project are sent to Savio.

Savio is an NGO based in Slovakia with a main focus on improving lives and providing human solidarity to kids and youth in need. Their main projects include building schools and providing everything that is needed to give youth in underdeveloped countries proper education. Education is one of the best things we can give to these kids.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CrazyFly Kiteboarding does not keep any money or administration fees of the Kiteboarding For Children project.

Child Adoption

Adopting a child costs 33 EUR per month and for this amount Savio makes sure the child gets education, food, a place to stay and much needed support.

Classroom Adoption

Adopting a whole classrom costs 100 EUR per month and for this amount all the students of the class get education, food, a place to stay and much needed support.


Savio is running a number of different projects in Angola, Azerbaijan, South Sudan, Yakutsk, Kenya and Slovakia.

Letter from Patrick

Letter from Patrick


Check out CrazyFly's international rider Christelle Le Baccon promoting Kiteboarding for Children.


Jozef Bukovcak jr.

Sales & Finance manager at CrazyFly Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding For Children Project manager

Kiteboarding is an amazing sport and kiteboarders are wonderful people. It is time to take the next step forward, unite and help.

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If you have any questions about this project, or require more info about donations, please get in touch.

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